Heirloom & Corporate Portraiture

The American Artist Project

Many years in the planning, I am finally having the chance to execute a series of portrait of artists who have mentored me, taught, me or had an otherwise positive impact on my art life and career. It's my way of saying, "Thank you".

I anticipate that there will be eight or perhaps nine portraits in the series. People have asked, "So then what? What are you going to do with them?" Well, I don't exactly know at the moment. I just know that it's important to me artistically and personally, to move forward. It's also a very healthy break from my main business, commission portraits.

I love my commission business and have met the most amazing people over the past 24 years. I view my portraits as a collaboration between my clients and myself, part service, and part product, and I enjoy executing a shared vision. With the American Artist Project, I am painting only for myself: and these portraits are probably more about me than about my subjects. They also give me a chance to experiment with different approaches, techniques, materials…none of which would I dream of doing on a client's painting! I have no doubt that some of the experimentation involved will result in a set of tools and skills that will move every part of my artwork forward.

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